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Unique & exciting skating program movement expression

For those who aren’t familiar, synchronized skating is a team sport where 8-20 skaters perform a program together, moving as one unit to music. It’s an absolute blast, and the teams love to express themselves through creating something special on the ice.

The teams awake geometrical shapes like a circle, a line, a block, … with their formation to life. 

Experience the magic of synchronized skating!


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The synchro family is made up of skaters from all ages and backgrounds, all united by our love for skating and our desire to create something special on the ice. Plus, there’s a great sense of community and camaraderie, and we support each other on and off the ice. The synchro family competes as a unit.

As skaters ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find synchro competitions, especially in the Non ISU and Interclub categories. That’s why we wanted to create something new and unique in our region, and with a lot of help from all over, the 1st Bavaria Cup came true.

We’re looking forward to introducing everyone to Bavarian culture through food, drinks, and some other special surprises.


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Organization Committee

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Nadja Müller

1st president of ESC e.V. sportsclub

Trixi Meier

2nd president of ESC e.V. sportsclub

Susanne Schöne

organization, communication

Claudia Gallwitz

public relation, social media

Mareen Eisenmann

ESC e.V., website, organization

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