1st Bavariacup 2023

Thank's to all teams of being a part of 1st Bavaria Cup

34 teams, 10 nations, what an event! It was a great pleasure to meet you all for real after a long period of preparation for the organization.
We hope you enjoyed your stay with us (with the first sunny days of spring here in Höchstadt 🌞) and returned safely and well to your home towns.
Many photos were taken from THE synchro photographer Rudi Angler. Also notice the awesome aftershow movie.💕
We are looking forward to see you again one day at the Bavaria Cup. ⛸⛸
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Official Panel
  • Referee
    Ludwig Czoczek (GER)
  • Judges
    Ludwig Czoczek (GER)
    Tony Krähenbühl (SUI)
    Dominic Fuhlbrügge (GER)
    Hans-Ulrich Lüthi (SUI)
    Juliane Gerber (GER)
    Michelle Daleweij (NED)
    Peter Rittmann (GER)
  • Technical Controller
    Tony Krähenbühl (SUI)
    Peter Rittmann (GER)
  • Technical Specialist
    Marco Derpa (GER)
    Maja Tandecka (POL)
    Julia Uhlitzsch (GER)
    Carolina Chrisafulli (ITA)
  • Data / Replay Operator
    Eugen Larassa (GER)
    Sergey Gross (GER)
  • Calculator
    Jennifer Hopp (GER)


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